Diving in Madeira 2023

I went diving in Madeira during January & February 2023. The sea was initially 21degrees C which was very unusual. This dropped to 18 degrees in February. My first dive was on the Madeira Divepoint Home Reef where I saw some Cuttlefish mating, something that I had never seen before. They were so preoccupied that I was able to approach really close for some photography.

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 Cuttlefish & Octopus on Madeira Divepoint Home Reef


These photographs are of very beautiful Club-tipped Anemones. No two are the same colour

Diving on the Wreck of The Corveta Afonso Certqueira

Me ascending the anchor rope at the end of a dive on the Afonso

Garajau, Manta Diving Home Reef, T-Reef dive sites

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