A Cleaning Station at Garajau
This summer I was fortunate on several dives to come across a cleaning station at Garajau where a Dusky Grouper arrived to be cleaned of parasites by groups of Red-backed Cleaner Shrimps.
                                                          Night dive on the Madeira Divepoint House Reef 
                                                           Cuttlefish, Common Octopi and a male and female Parrotfish
   Photos from Garajau, Arena, Lazaretto, Madeira Divepoint Home Reef & T-Reef & 
Wreck of the Alfonso
                                                                        Anemones, Corals  & Sponges
   Dark Solitary Coral, Club-tipped Anemones, Yellow Encrusting Anemones, Banded Tube Anemones, 
White Stinging Sea Fans
                                                                                            Moray eels
                                                                       Black, Brown and Yellow Fangtooth

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