Diving in Madeira from Madeira Divepoint in Madeira 2018

2018 was the year of some exciting discoveries inside the cave on 'The Cave' dive site in Madeira's National Marine Park. Particularly fascinating and beautiful was a Red Reef Lobster. This was a first for me.

An uncommon Red Ref Lobster inside a crevice of the cave in the darkness. It is equivalent in size to a Freshwater Crawfish and is a nocturnal scavenger. Hence, it is not often seen during the day. 


It was also the year in which I had my first siting of a Yellow Fangtooth Moray eel with the added bonus of it sharing its lair with a Mediterranean Moray on 'T-Reef'.

Diving from Madeira Divepoint in  Madeira  2018

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