Diving in Madeira from Madeira Divepoint in Madeira 2016

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This year was marked lots of Red-backed Cleaner Shrimps getting in on the photographs! In many photographs they are associating with Moray eels and Dusky Groupers at cleaning stations. In this photograph at Garajau dive site in the National Marine Reserve of Madeira may look as if the Brown Moray eel is looming out of the shadows, about to ambush the shrimp but this is not the case. The Cleaner Shrimps and the Moray have a symbiotic relationship. The shrimp will eat parasites that it finds on the Moray's body and in return the Moray will not eat the shrimp. Indeed, like fish, will even allow the shrimp into its mouth to clean its teeth!


Brown Moray Eel and Red-backed Cleaner Shrimp at Garajau dive site


 Diving in Madeira from Madeira Divepoint in Madeira 2016

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A useful publication which provides a comprehensive identification of marine species a diver is likely to meet off Madeira is;

Boyra A, Espino F, Tuya F, Frietas M, Haroun R, Biscoito,M, Gonzalez A, (2008) Guia de Campo 365 Especies Atlanticas Pub: OcveanoGrafica  ISBN: 978-84-612-3473-8  The publication is in Spanish, Portugese, English & Dutch.

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